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6-stem Phaelanopsis Orchid
A stunning 6-stem phaelanopsis orchid beautifully supported with clear lucite rods and potted in a white, rounded, ceramic bowl.  The orchids are finished off with green reindeer moss for an organic, contemporary appearance. Sure to please as a gift for the home or office. (approx. size 27"dia x 36"h)

Block Island
This tight, textural bouquet is as traditional as Block Island itself, yet contemporary and timeless.  The jewel tones and compact design with these seasonal blooms will put a smile on the face of those it comes in contact with.  (approx size 13"h x 15"dia)
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This rustic collection of seasonal, Fall blooms of dahlias, ranunculus, roses, hypericum, calla lilies and preserved leaves arranged in a cement container to finish off that rustic appearance.  You almost get that Fall, Chatham smell.  (approx size 17"h x 16"dia)
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Clustered Callas
A contemporary cluster of mango calla lilies in a sweet donut-shaped vase. The interior of the vase is finished off with black river rock. Mango calla lilies are so stunning and beautiful that they can stand on their own. (approx. size 10"h x 12"w)

                Light Purple
Color Burst
This amazing, rectangular centerpiece can also be placed in an entry or can function as a great start to an “apology” arrangement, (for those of you who have been naughty.) Stunning imported Dutch hydrangea, protea, roses, viburnum, ranunculus and so much more fills this textured light green ceramic vase. You wanted color? Well, here it is. (approx. size 12"h x 12"w x 24"l)
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Double-stem Phaelanopsis Orchid
A beautiful, double-stem orchid supported by clear, lucite rods for a contemporary aesthetic.  For contrast, it is potted in a rustic cement container, and finished with reindeer moss, while maintaining the contemporary look. (pot size 6"dia x 10"h)
Double-stem Phaelanopsis Orchid
A stunning double-stem orchid, supported beautifully by clear lucite rods and finished off with reindeer moss in a square, smooth, white, ceramic pot.  It does not get more modern than that.   (pot size 6" cube, height 30")
Dream Catcher
A stunning collection of veronica, anemone, roses, ranunculus, stock and Vanda orchid blossoms are composed in a footed, amber vase. This arrangement certainly fills the shoes of being considered ‘Dreamy’ in the jewel world.  (approx. size 13"h x 12"dia)
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Easily Pleased
Not sure what to send? This elegant collection of white double-petal tulips in the mirrored vase will go with any home décor and can express your feelings for any occasion. Simple. Elegant. Meaningful.  (approx. size 9"h x 9"dia)
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French Laundry
Stunning white lilac, anemone, stock, lily grass and cream French tulips arranged in a pattern to resemble a field in France featured in a ceramic vase. This arrangement gives new meaning to ‘bringing the outdoors in.’ (approx. size 29"h x 21"dia)
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Fun and Fragrant
A sweet compact arrangement to say ‘thank you’, ‘Happy Birthday’ or even, ‘let’s meet later for drinks’, will brighten anyone’s day. Filled with fragrant stock, hyacinth, roses and ranunculus is sure to get a grateful reaction.  (approx. size 9"h x 10"dia)
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Like Greenwich's lush yards, these luscious pastels and jewel-tones make for a great centerpiece or celebration for any occasion this Fall.  This texture-filled bouquet is packed with beautiful roses, calla lilies, dahlias, veronica, pods and so much more; the recipient will think their gardener hand-picked these flowers for us to use.  (approx size 24"L x 12"H x 16"W)
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