Centerpiece Designs

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Product substitution may occur if a flower or container become unavailable.
Fun and Fragrant
A sweet compact arrangement to say ‘thank you’, ‘Happy Birthday’ or even, ‘let’s meet later for drinks’, will brighten anyone’s day. Filled with fragrant stock, hyacinth, roses and ranunculus is sure to get a grateful reaction.  (approx. size 9"h x 10"dia)
Size: size as shown
Passionate Pinks
Pink Persuasion elevated! You should be thanked within minutes of the recipient receiving these glorious flowers. Consider this arrangement a done deal with whatever you are trying to say.  (approx. size 11"h x 12"dia)
Size: size as shown
Spring Explosion
The fragrance from this rectangular arrangement packed with hyacinth, roses, mini-green hydrangea, sweet pea and tulips will freshen up any room it is placed in. While the colors are soft and muted, this arrangement is anything, but.  (approx. size 14"h x 10"w x 22"l)
Sweet Pea (vs. Olive Oyl)
An entire arrangement of Sweet Pea is all one could ever ask for. This contemporary collection arranged in a glass textured vase gives elegance and simplicity new meaning. With a fragrance all of its own, this arrangement stuns the visual and smell senses.  (approx. size 12"h x 12"dia)