Centerpiece Designs

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Product substitution may occur if a flower or container become unavailable.
Like Greenwich's lush yards, these luscious pastels and jewel-tones make for a great centerpiece or celebration for any occasion this Fall.  This texture-filled bouquet is packed with beautiful roses, calla lilies, dahlias, veronica, pods and so much more; the recipient will think their gardener hand-picked these flowers for us to use.  (approx size 24"L x 12"H x 16"W)
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Passionate Pinks
Pink Persuasion elevated! You should be thanked within minutes of the recipient receiving these glorious flowers. Consider this arrangement a done deal with whatever you are trying to say.  (approx. size 11"h x 12"dia)
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Spring Explosion
The fragrance from this rectangular arrangement packed with hyacinth, roses, mini-green hydrangea, sweet pea and tulips will freshen up any room it is placed in. While the colors are soft and muted, this arrangement is anything, but.  (approx. size 14"h x 10"w x 22"l)
The vase color, similar to that of the Wellfleet oyster, is an unexpected contrast to the bouquet that is placed in it.  These traditional pastels with seasonal textures like the red sedum, give movement like the bay the oysters are harvested in. (approx size 19"h x 16"dia)
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White Wedding
Wedding Day or not, this collection is sure to please. Fresh sweet pea, roses, stock and ranunculus are some of what makes up this stunning arrangement. This innocent and pure arrangement can be given for any occasion.  (approx. size 11"h x 12"dia)
Size: size as shown