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6-stem Phaelanopsis Orchid
A stunning 6-stem phaelanopsis orchid beautifully supported with clear lucite rods and potted in a white, rounded, ceramic bowl.  The orchids are finished off with green reindeer moss for an organic, contemporary appearance. Sure to please as a gift for the home or office. (approx. size 27"dia x 36"h)

Double-stem Phaelanopsis Orchid
A beautiful, double-stem orchid supported by clear, lucite rods for a contemporary aesthetic.  For contrast, it is potted in a rustic cement container, and finished with reindeer moss, while maintaining the contemporary look. (pot size 6"dia x 10"h)
Double-stem Phaelanopsis Orchid
A stunning double-stem orchid, supported beautifully by clear lucite rods and finished off with reindeer moss in a square, smooth, white, ceramic pot.  It does not get more modern than that.   (pot size 6" cube, height 30")
Succulent Garden
This collection of beautiful, hearty and textural succulents are arranged in an oval wooden tray and finished off with crushed white rock. These plants are so juicy and organic, you almost want to take a bite.  Living plants require water and care (approx. size 8"h x 8"w x 20"l)
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