Whether it’s a fundraising Gala, lavish celebration or intimate soiree, the attention to detail and exceptional beauty will ensure a seamless, memorable and breathtaking environment for your event. Fleurum will guide you in selecting flowers that reflect your personal style, designed in a way that is uniquely yours. Your event can be as opulent or understated as you want; the ultimate goal is your guests’ pleasure. Sit down with one of our designers, hash out a budget and be part of the creative process; if you aren’t interested in being hands-on, leave it up to us.

The Fleurum team likes to travel, so please contact us if you’re planning a destination wedding or event out-of-state.

Fleurum works closely with stylists and photographers to create evocative settings using organic elements and unique props to tell your story. The Fleurum team is always brainstorming new ways to use flowers and plants as a means of expression.

In addition, from a simple tablescape, to getting your home ready for the holidays, flowers for the guest room or plantings around your patio, our designs are masterfully implemented and creatively inspired.